Friday, November 11, 2011

Nee(Reprise) - Celebrating Raag Yaman

An improvisation piece based on an original composition " Nee" in Raag Yaman(Hindusani)/ Kalyani(Carnatic).

Nee, the original composition I had lent vocals to, on which this reprise is based, has been melodiously composed and mixed by Rishi S, written by Aisoorya for the label Sonore Unison.

Nee(Reprise) is an improvisation on the original ,delving into the Raaga that has always been close to my heart. Yaman- An all time peace bestowing Raag.

Yaman is the raag with which almost every music student enters this fascinating world of raags. The aura and the magic that this raag holds will always remain a mystery even to the greatest of musician, or scholar.

Though its usually the first raag that is taught to aspiring students of music, its a raag that you never really stop learning. There are innumerable aspects, sides, to raag Yaman - a thousand musical phrases can be woven around its basic melodic structure. It is a raag that gives the musician infinite opportunities to improvise and explore.

For me Yaman invokes spirituality, peace, love, harmony and a beauty that enthralls me every time I sing it.

Raag Yaman

Thaat Kalyan

Aaroha Ni Re Ga Ma Dha Ni Sa
Avroha Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa


Ni Re Ga, Ga
Ma Pa, Ma Ga Re Sa

(Ma is teevra, all other swaras are Shudha)



Samvaadi Ni
Prahar (Time)


Evening (Raat ka Pratham Prahar)

Shaadava Sampoorna (omits Pa in the Aroha, Avaroha has all 7 swaras)

Vocals and Improvisation:- Jaya Vidyasagar

Original Composition and Mixing:- Rishi S

Lyrics:- Aisoorya Vijaykumar

Label:- Sonore Unison