Thursday, January 27, 2011

Remembering Panditji

One of my earliest recollections of devotional music was a beautiful abhang "Majhe maher Pandhari" sung by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi. I was too young to realise the greatness of the legend back then but the voice and the bhaava left a long lasting impression on me. Panditji, was truly a magician when he perfomed. He could sing a serious Puriya Dhanashree Khayal with as much ease and beauty as he would render a Bhajan or an Abhang. He has truly been an inspiration and guide for many aspiring classical musicians. The impact and the musical legacy he has left behind is just too immensly great to put down in words.

This song Baaje Muraliya is one of my personal favourites which Panditji had rendered along with Lataji. This Bhajan tugs at the heartsrings and when you hear Panditji sing you truly can visualise Krishna mesmersing with his Murali(flute) in Vrindavan. This was one of the earliest Bhajans I had learnt and i can never thank my mother enough for pushing me to learn it even when I never really understood its lyrical or musical beauty.

This was one of my earliest performances of this song, sung many years back at a concert. With all its flaws and imperfections, this is still close to my heart as it was the first time I really felt the song and sang it, all the while panditji's rich melifluous voice ringing in the back of my mind.
Panditji, this one is my humble tribute to you.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Tum Asha Vishwas Hamare"

Here is a song is close to my heart. A beautiful Bhajan on Lord Rama.

"Tum Asha Vishwas Hamare" is a wonderful song sung by the eternally timeless Lataji in the Hindi film Subah. Subah was a remake of a 1982 Marathi Movie Umbartha directed by Jabbar Patel.
The music was composed by Pt. Hridayanath Mangeshkar and has a wonderful morning prayer kind of feel to it. The lyrics are written by Pt. Narendra Sharma, who was known for his simple yet eloquent poetry.

The lyrics , the music, the entire composition is so mesmerizing. It has never failed to bring tears to my eyes.
Here is my humble tribute to Lataji which i performed at Prempuri Ashram in Mumbai.